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PENTAX K-1 – Quick Review

The full-frame Pentax K-1 is a very good camera for stills, but it’s very uneven in the video department. And some of the built-in technology is behind the competition. With that on the table, it’s hard recommending this DSLR to any shutterbug other than a Pentax devotee.

Is there a better alternative?

You bet. If you don’t own a lot of legacy Pentax glass, we’d go for the $1,499 24.3MP full-frame Sony A7 Mark II, also with 5-axis IS but featuring 60p video and Hybrid AF. It’ll save you $500 you can put toward the lens of your choosing. If mirrorless doesn’t appeal to you, the Nikon D500 DSLR ($1,999), even with a smaller APS-C imager, is a much better camera overall, thanks to its world-class 153-point autofocus system. Heck, there’s also the older Nikon D610, another 24.3MP full-frame camera that’s $1,499 for just the body.

How long will it last?

Since it took Pentax so long to enter the full-frame field, expect this baby to be around for several years, with the usual firmware updates manufacturers provide.

Should you buy it?

For pixel-peeping Pentax owners, the answer is yes — but everyone else should consider alternatives first. There are some great cameras available for around $2,000. Caveat emptor!

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